Welcome to Square One

Square One-(the initial stage or starting point).

Calling a realtor is not enough in today’s competitive market. With preparation and an objective assist from a staging professional you can optimize your house for the best sales price over the shortest time span.

At Square One Staging we provide passion and skill to help you meet your goal for selling your home. Staging WORKS! Add us to your team. We will work with you and/or your agent. We can provide multiple plans and options to meet both your budget and your sales goal.

We provide the following:

Staging plan prepared from photos or a walkthrough of your house;
Furniture placement plans;
Furniture to stage your home;
Color selection;
De-cluttering plan;
Marketing photos.

The plan is unique to your needs and your property. When you are ready to sell your home, Square One Staging wants to be your partner. Staging is an excellent investment. It is the tool at your disposal to differentiate your property from other’s in your market. The house that leaves a good impression is the house that buyers return to and the house that is at the top of the wanted list.

We welcome an opportunity to show you how we work, share our past staging projects with you and client references. Welcome to Square One Staging. Let’s sell that house!

How you live in a home and how you market and sell your house are very different

Barb Schwarz creator of Home Staging over 40 years ago


Vacant Home Staging

Staging a vacant property can be a great tool to help sell the home quickly and for the most money. We use top quality furnishings and current appropriate décor for the homes we stage so we can immediately remove the questions from the prospective buyers during a walk through like; will my furniture fit, how does the home flow and furniture placement.   We also highlight the best features & focal points that can sometimes be lost if a home is empty and feels cold.

Occupied Home Staging

Often we can use what you have for furniture and accessories or we can help you get started on your move by packing and storing some of your furniture and augment with accessories, décor and some staging furniture pieces if necessary. We help the client depersonalize, declutter and provide a detailed written plan to help the homeowners stage the home themselves or have Square One Staging do the work. Staged home sell quicker and closer to the listing price than non-staged homes *.

Vacation Rental Staging

Vacation rentals need to look better than the competition in their online advertising and marketing. Helping vacationers connect to a property most often must be done through what they can see on their screens. Furniture placement, curb appeal, highlighting the features of the property both inside and out and creating a feel for the vacation experience is a result of the work we do.


The largest percentage of home buyers do their research and searches online prior to seeing the home. The way your home looks and is presented in photographs for you or your agent for online marketing is critical to attracting attention. We use high quality equipment and the latest software to provide beautiful photography for marketing materials; online, flyers, print etc.

Drone Videography & Photography

We have a UAV certified drone pilot on our team which allows us to provide you or your agent 4K video of the property as well as High Definition Aerial Pictures. Views from a drone can produce an experience of touring a home like no other.

Feng Shui

Square One Staging has two Feng Shui certified consultants to provide a Feng Shui floorplan for your home. Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years and is often referred to as “the Art of Placement”. When homes are balanced and have a great flow, prospective buyers feel at home when they view the property and can picture themselves in that home.

Square One Staging is a professional partner that gets results! Their ability to create a professional presentation of my specialty property listings such as a large equestrian farm and a Colonial B&B, not only made the difference in finding the right buyers, but enhanced my relationship with my clients! As the owner of Two Rivers Realty I heartily recommend Square One Staging for building your business results!

Kathy Coogan Broker
Owner Two Rivers Realty, LLC